We are an innovative Strategy & Media Consulting company

Our method is based on finding creative and unconventional solutions to complex issues and situations by preforming deep analysis and planning the next steps for promoting our clients' objectives and goals.

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We have led explanatory PR efforts, Media strategies & Campaigns to a successful outcome

We have led dozens of campaigns, as well as hundreds of explanatory PR efforts and media strategies for clients in the medical, health care and pharma fields to the desired successful outcome.

Our staff has strong and solid working relationships with healthcare reporters and editors, and we are well-versed in translating complex healthcare jargon into simple, easy to grasp media language.

We have leveraged all the knowledge and experience acquired into developing the unique PRescription© model. This model is based on our extensive deep research and analysis abilities, and allows us to plan our clients' next moves, create precise and customized messages, and develop innovative, creative, high preforming and actionable solutions, and build a public ecosystem which enables us to lead the media agenda. 

The Team

Avishai Zohar

Co-founder, Head of Strategy & Crisis Management

Michal Egozy

Co-founder, CEO and Head of BD & Collaborations

Shira Rabinowitz

Senior Media Consultant

Tom Cohen

Media Consultant

Yarin Yehezkel

Young, CEO and Head of Digital Marketing