Strategy & Media Consulting

Communication Strategy

Our in-depth understanding and acquaintance with the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, acquired through years of experience, gives us a significant advantage when it comes to developing strategic plans based on extensive research and analysis, formulating precise messages, contemplating innovative, actionable, creative and unique solutions, creating and leveraging an ecosystem and devising messages for the purpose of setting the public agenda and planning the next moves that will ultimately help our clients achieve their goals to the fullest.

Crisis & Issue Management

We offer a quick and accurate response to crisis situation and evolving agendas. This skill is based on our ability to identify and pin point the problem, rapidly obtain knowledge and information in real time, devise a comprehensive action plan and find exact solutions that will minimize the damage and neutralize the crisis. After we rapidly resolve the crisis, we go on to leverage our success in order to promote the customer’s agenda and transform the crisis into a positive message.

We believe that the best way to manage crisis situations is taking measures to prevent them from happening. To that end, we help our clients prepare for possible crisis situations by developing a tailored crisis portfolio, integrating protocols that will help prevent media crisis, as well as coordinating and training a skilled response team.

Media Consultancy & PR

Comprehensive management of explanatory PR efforts, developing and executing quarterly media work plans, conducting regular work meetings and daily communications with a joint think tank, initiating article publication and media events, helping recruitment efforts and  collaborations with key organizations and relevant individuals, giving basic background information to i journalists and editors, formulating and distributing press releases, helping prepare journalistic articles. We provide our clients with up close and personal service and keep in touch daily in order to immediately respond to any problem that arises, monitor performance and achieve their goals.

Our staff has strong and solid working relationships with healthcare reporters and editors, and we are well-versed in translating complex healthcare terminology into simple, understandable media language.


Campaign management

Jimmy Connors, one of the greatest tennis players in history, once said “I hate to lose more than I love to win”.  Our passion for winning has led to proven results, positioning us as the go-to national campaign managers at the forefront of the medical, healthcare and pharma industry. Our senior staff is experienced with leading complex explanatory PR efforts and comprehensive campaign management including lobbying, digital marketing and social networks, inter-sectoral communications and legal services.

We provide our clients full and comprehensive campaign management: setting goals, research and analysis, devising a strategic plan, formulating precise messaging, contemplating innovative, creative, actionable and out-of-the-box solutions, leveraging ecosystems and devising messages to shape the public agenda and create an ongoing campaign, planning the next steps and leading it to a successful outcome.

Social media impacts

Social networks greatly impact the public agenda, influencing decision makers and traditional media outlets. We initiate innovative, effective and creative social network activities that no one can ignore and which are intended to set media processes into motion and promote our clients’ agenda among leaders and decision makers.